Live a fully awakened life.

To be a full creator of this world every cell must be reborn to the divine.
Rediscover Your Truth

Live a fully awakened life.

To be a full creator of this world every cell must be reborn to the divine.
Rediscover Your Truth


Join Megan for a FREE virtual group offering 

every third Sunday of the month at 5 p.m. EST¬†ūüíę

Quantum healing will improve your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies. Expect the unexpected. 
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Your power, your ability to rediscover your truth of your divine nature rests within the recognition of both the dark and light fully awakened embodied as a conscious self realised human.

Meet Megan


Megan’s mission and soul's desire is to assist others that have been so deeply wounded, disconnected, and alone, to know their worth, in knowing their own self-love and to create their most epic lives through conscious soul-directed missions.

Megan is a best selling author, intuitive guide, Biodynamic Breathwork for trauma release practitioner, Sophia Circle Journey Leader.

As a joy bringer and lightworker here on the planet, Megan provides a space to allow the unfolding of your highest potential here in this lifetime. She provides a safe space, to feel nurtured, and the ability to understand, to accept, and move forward by offering her intuitive, imaginary ways of living, outside the box of ordinary. 

Traveling through many dark places, as this world can bring for so many for us, she has awakened to the mastery  to transmute, transfigure and align with the I AM,  through daily conscious witnessing and practices, so the everyday nudges are always forward. 

Discover The Truth of who you are.

Become a living vessel for your higher self.

A Return To The Womb Meditation

Reclaim full sovereignty by discovering the patterns that our bodies carry & understanding that these core wounds participate with our created external reality. Somatically feel the deeply rooted trauma that was imprinted from our mothers womb with a guided meditation.

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Sophia Circle Journey 

A Life Changing Journey through all 13 chapters of the Sophia Code ¬ģ A Mystery School container, created to support your journey of ascension and full embodiment of your Higher self in this Lifetime.

Book a Connection Call with Megan to join the Sophia Circle Journey.

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Birthing An Angel

"Birthing an Angel" chronicles Megan's transformative journey, resonating with the soul's deep yearning for genuine connection and spiritual fulfillment. This tale weaves a dance of shadows and light, revealing not only the pain of separation but the promise of reuniting with one's true essence.

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Breathing In Your Divinity

A Breath Work Experience 

This is a 10-hour experience exploring different aspects of Biodynamic breath work. In this course you will receive: 5 videos explaining how to Breathe in Your Divinity, paired with an additional 5 hours of guided breath work videos. With this guided experience you can release tension & trauma from your body, so you can begin to reprogram your cells & surrender to the flow.

As a bonus you will receive journal prompts to support your breath work journey.

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The Purification Portal

This community is for Starseeds and Lightworkers to join with others also moving through the final rites of purification for ascension.

The Purification Portal Includes Live Weekly Chakra Specific Group Breath Work Sessions, a Monthly Live Q&A with Megan, Biweekly activations and transmission from the ascended masters plus Monthly Guest facilitators that are masters of shadow work, inner child healing & human design to help you come back to the truth of who you are.

The Purification Portal is Open May 202

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Goddess Rising Experiences 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery healing and transformation? Join Megan with an amazing team to connect with primal needs to raise the divine feminine energies within. 

Goddess Rising events include:

*3 hour Experiences

*Weekend Goddess Retreat

*Week-long immersive Goddess Retreats

*Goddess Galas


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What Others Have Said About Megan...

"Expect great tenderness and skill in how safety is created; in how sacredness is cultivated; in how space is expertly held; and how the ceremony itself is conducted. You never feel alone despite the process being a solo journey. Megan is always watching, checking in, holding space, and facilitating the journey in a manner that helps you to reach into places that need the light of understanding and love. The job of each participant is to show up and be ready to engage the work…the container is made ready for this to happen."

-Denise Kingston Can

"I felt safe and held at all times which permitted me to release fully into the embodiment of the experience, permitting me to dive as deeply as possible."

-K.K. Godfrey Can

"What an incredible experience I had in sessions with Megan.

It was so easy to connect to her gentle energy and trust, while she was leading me into the journey deep within. The messages I have received through Megan from beyond brought me clarity about my purpose. It also brought me peace as I was reassured that I am on the right path.  At the time before sessions, I didn’t feel good physically, emotionally, and in spirit. Ascension process was tiring and draining me out. Megan was able to bring in invisible guides to assist me with profound healing that my being urgently needed. I felt lifted by divine energy surging into my body bringing unexplainably tender relief.  I felt pure godly love. The light surrounding me grounded and washed away the darkness. With guidance I was able to open up to healing release deep ancestral wounds for many generations of my ancient family.

I was reminded that I am loved and all is well.
I truly believe some angels are send to the earth in a human form to assist us. I have no doubt Megan is here to help others to bring clarity, profound healing,  transformation and transfiguration to Lightworkers like me."

-Neringa Dan, Spain

"I'm not sure how I would have dealt with this before our session/s but it's quite deeply incredible how grounded I've been, how truthful/authentic I've been, and how much my perspective and priorities are subtly shifting, and I can definitely say that part about priorities had already started happening before the weekend's events, that was coming through clearly around Wed/Thurs. The message to step back, review, clear the slate, stop.

‚ÄčI don't know what else to say right now other than thank you. It's been an incredible whirlwind of growth working with you, a completely new level of humility, detachment and compassion, among other beautiful-feeling frequencies."


"I have experienced accelerated growth and felt incredibly held and safe since I started working with Megan and the guides that are supporting me through this earth transition. Situations and events have fallen into awesome synchronistic timelines, so much so that in a matter of weeks piercing fear in my gut disappeared and I felt strangely but so beautifully sure as I found myself standing in a level of inner power I've never experienced before. Not physical power, but energetic truth power. I am honoured to be with Megan as she so humbly and graciously accepts her role to connect us with the counterparts who are looking out for our greater good, and to transmit such deeply transformational and uniquely personal experiences. Thank you to my steadfast guides, and thank you Megan for holding us in our dignity as you allow what's for us to translate through you. So much dignity, integrity and trust. Thank you."

-Lesley, Scotland

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The truth you seek has always been, yet needed to be fully embraced from the inside first.


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Retreat in Brazil 

Megan Hill will be co hosting with Derek Morley a Retreat in Brazil 2024 from Sept. 18th to the 29th. To find out more about this unique experience, of authentic foods, towns, plant medicine, and national parks with Brazilian guides and traditional culture, click below.

Brazil Retreat info