The Goddess Rising LIVE Experience


 Transformative Journeys

Sacred Dance, Biodynamic Breathwork and Sound Healing

with Megan Hill 

and The Goddess Collective



The Goddess Rising LIVE Experience


Transformative Journeys


Biodynamic Breathwork, Sacred Dance and Sound Healing

with Megan Hill 

and The Goddess Collective



Experience Highlights


Sacred Dance:

Megan will guide you through an empowering dance journey, weaving together elements of ecstatic dance, sacred movement and ritual. You will fully express your inner goddess through dance, uninhibited by societal constraints. Feel the pulse of the music as it ignites your spirit, unleashing your wild, untamed feminine energy in a vibrant celebration of life.


Biodynamic Breathwork or Tantric Communion:

Discover the transformative power of your breath while releasing emotional and physical tension. Pave the way for deep healing and self-love. Find comfort in your body and reclaim the full range of sensations and emotions available through our human experience. 

Movement, sound, expression, breath... surrender. 


Sound Healing as Spiritual Expression:

Commune with divinity through the fluid language of sound. Immerse yourself in a soul-nourishing experience that combines the power of breathwork and sound healing. Megan leads you through deep breathing exercises accompanied by the resonant vibrations of crystal singing bowls and other healing instruments. Surrender to the rhythm of your breath. Allow the soothing sounds to release tension, expand consciousness, and reawaken your divine essence.



Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore, heal, and celebrate their femininity. Immerse yourself in the sacred embrace of sisterhood. Awaken your divine feminine power through connection, compassion and community.  

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your well-being and personal growth. 

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today.

We can't wait to share this transformative journey with you! 3 Hour Immersive

RESERVE MY SPOT - MAY 24, 2024 Kingston
RESERVE MY SPOT - JUNE 21, 2024 Kingston

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Book Release


Did you know Megan is the author of an #1 Best Seller book on

In her debut book, "Birthing an Angel: A Journey from Self Hate to Self Love", she invites readers to embark on a profound journey of self-realization and inner transformation. 

Let Megan's wisdom illuminate your path from self-inflicted hate to genuine self-love.


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