Reclaim full sovereignty.

Discovering the patterns that our bodies carry & understanding that these core wounds participate with our created external reality.

Somatically feel the deeply rooted trauma that was imprinted from our mothers womb. 

Deep wounding from before birth are created in utero and cause detachment in our bodies and does not allow us to live in alignment with our divine purpose. 

If our physical bodies are still creating from lower frequencies, we will:

  • Holding painful core wounds that have been covered up that are holding us back
  • Create patterns that make you feel not welcome and not safe to create in this world
  • Not be able to reclaim full responsibility and embrace our purpose

Our willingness to heal anstreal wounds and discover the real pains of the body that were programed in us, we can discover the pain in the purpose, and heal even if we don’t know where that pain is coming from. 

We need full disclosure of our lives to claim sovereignty, and to claim responsibility for our pain but we can’t do that if prebirth unconscious patterns are holding us back. 

 Your mother’s womb is  gateway to creating fully from your higher self.

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